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PRI Super Blue Technology Announces New Technical Director
Printing Research, Inc. of Dallas Texas is pleased to announce the return of Howard Carrithers as Technical Director effective December 17, 2012. Howard has been involved in the Graphic Arts Industry for many years beginning as a pressman in 1979. In 1997 Howard joined PRI as a Regional Manager responsible for Super Blue® sales for the eastern half of the United States. In his new capacity he will be directly involved with supporting their Dealer network.

"This will provide our Dealer network with solid support in sales, service and technical issues," states Howard DeMoore, owner. "We are excited to have Howard back as part of our organization at PRI."

EFI Acquires Technique Inc.
EFI, Foster City, Calif., a leader in customer-focused digital printing innovation announced that it has acquired Delaware-based Technique Inc., a provider of MIS/ERP (management information systems and enterprise resource planning) software products for the publication, commercial and direct marketing print industries. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

the following from PIA MidAmerica Hotline....sent to us by Joe Polanco, Executive Director
Email Can Be Dangerous

Although succinct messages are good, don't be so terse that the message ends up being confusing or ambiguous. For instance, an employee who recently asked her manager if he would prefer option A or option B as a solution to a problem received a response of "yes." Don't make that mistake. Use complete sentences, and provide enough context so your email makes sense.

The opposite of the first scenario is writing such long emails that the recipient has to scroll down multiple times in order to get to the heart of the message. To prevent overly long emails, follow the strategy called "BLUF" - put the Bottom Line Up Front. First answer a question, ask a question, or immediately state what the email is about. Only after it has been stated should any additional information be added.

Finally, think before you type. It's all a matter of counting to 10, re-reading the message, and making sure that there is no emotion in the text before clicking send. Proof the message for trigger words that add emotional color to what should be simply business conversations. "Your plan is painfully vague" is likely to anger the plan's author. Delete the adverb, and the criticism that the plan is vague is easier to swallow and more likely to be handled professionally.

{short description of image}Recognition Award To Oscar Pereda
Known for his 25 years of successful trade show management of the Imprexpo and Expo Grafica shows in Guadalajara and Mexico City, Oscar Pereda was recognized at a recent association meeting. The award, presented to one industry individual per year, was presented by Marco Antonio Suarez, President of COLATINGRAF and Hector Cordero, President of CANAGRAF (the national chamber of the graphic arts). Pereda has served the association in various capacities for 15 years offering his many years of experience to members. He played an active role in the creation of CEDIGRAF, a training center for the graphic arts industry in Jalisco and recently helped create a council to promote innovation through design.

Caution From NAPL Economist
In a post Graph Expo Show webinar, NAPL economist Andy Paparozzi said operational efficiency has never been more important. "We have to find new sources of revenue," he advised. "We have to keep moving forward, we have to keep reinvesting." Paparozzi warns, however, that there's no margin for investment error. "It used to be if you made a bad capital expenditure decision, you threw a tarp over it and moved on. Not anymore. As one owner says, 'A bad cap ex decision can put a company out of business.' We have to keep reinvesting, but we have to get it right."

News from GreensheetBIZ, division of OutputLinks Communications Group. Info@GreensheetBIZ.com.

New Appointment For Enfocus
Enfocus, Gent, Belgium, a business unit of Esko, announced the appointment of Tom Hackett-a prepress analyst with high-level workflow understanding-to its North American support group as product specialist with a focus on Enfocus' Switch product.

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New Addition At Arlon
Graphic films manufacturer Arlon, Santa Ana, Calif., has announced the addition of Brian Castillo as regional sales manager for the South Central Region. In addition to becoming a member of the Arlon team, Brian will work with Arlon's South Central Distribution channel to develop and coordinate sales activities, and provide both technical support and marketing assistance to sign shops throughout the South Central Region.

MagX Moves Headquarters
MagX America, Inc. has announced the relocation of its U.S. Headquarters. To better serve its expanding client base, MagCX moved to facilities on Mt. Adams overlooking downtown Cincincati, OH.

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New Force Magnetics, Inc. Unveils New Wall Covering System
At both GRAPH EXPO and SGIA Expo, New Force Magnetics (Elbert, CO) unveiled its new line of "Transitional Graphics" a wall covering system that allows retail shops, restaurants and other outlets to change signage almost instantly.

The new magnetic receptive "Transitional Graphics" material is useful for applications where graphics change often such as menu boards, indoor sales promotions, and other markeing visuals.

The magnetic receptive material is used in conjunction with a flexible magnetic backer board where the graphics (changeable messages) may transition from one message to another simply by lifting the printed message and replacing it with another. The magnetic backer board becomes the permanent docking location for each printed Transitional Graphic visual.

The printable white surface of the "Transitional Graphics" material can be printed with solvent, Eco-solvent, UV, or latex inks. Also available with a plain brown surface on one side and adhesive on the opposite side if the client wishes to have the receptive material as the backer and printed magnet as the message carrier.

We want "Transitional Graphics" to be a new door opener for the channel. Email info@newforcemagnetics.com or phone 303-565-3760.

2013 Graphics Night Honors Print Excellence At The Queen Mary
Janet Green, Public Relations Chair of the Printing Industries Association, Inc. of Southern California (PIASC), invites the printing industry community and friends to join them for a social event, aboard the Queen Mary Hotel, in Long Beach on Saturday, March 23, 2013. This annual event is a perfect opportunity to network with friends, colleagues, peers, clients and customers. It is also time to honor PIASC'S Executive of the Year, acknowledge the winners of the 9th Annual Regional Print Excellence Awards Competition, and celebrate the "Power of Print."

Mark your calendars and plan to attend Graphics Night - Honoring PIASC's Executive of the Year and the Winners of the 9th Annual Print Excellence Awards, Saturday, March 23, 2013 at the beautiful Queen Mary Hotel located in Long Beach, CA. For more info email ara@piasc.org.

Gate Group USA, Inc. New Address
Our new office is located in the shadow (and spirit) of the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan which brings out proud memories of our longtime association with WTC which culminated in my being the first recipient of the Book of Honor Award in 2002. Effective immediately. Contact us: Isaac M. Savitt, President, Gate Group USA, Inc., 74 Trinity Place #1201, New York, NY 10006, 212-989-9997.

The "Official Announcement" AIMED 2013 National Conference in New Orleans
It's time to make your reservations to attend the most important event of the year for independent dealers in the mailing, shipping and business communications industry - the AIMED National Conference. For the first time, AIMED is visiting the great American city of New Orleans!

Industry updates from Jim Cochrane, Senior Vice President of the US Postal Service and Bob Goldberg, long time industry expert and AIMED Legal Counsel will be presented. The Annual Product Showcase, where vendors come to show YOU how they can help you grow your business revenues and profits will be offered. Executive level education to help you be a more effective CEO for your business, including Leadership and Sales Management to be offered. Exclusive meetings between dealers and meter manufacturersto address issues that can help everyone grow and be more successful to be conducted. And what dealers tell us is the most important element of AIMED conferences - networking with other dealership owners to learn how they deal with the same business challenges that you face each and every day will be available

Best of all, this will all take place in New Orleans, home of jazz, great food and great night life. AIMED is planning some exciting events to take advantage of the annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, which will open on the weekend of our conference. Register at www.aimedweb.org. Questions - call Rick Chambers at (816) 994-3328 or Barbara Price at (909) 444-9680.

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Inca Digital Moves To Expand Manufacturing
Inca Digital has opened a new manufacturing facility and head office in Cambridge. The company's move to new, larger premises not only increases the floor area of its facilities to 63,173 square feet, but also brings a more efficient manufacturing process under one roof and increases overall production capacity. The new site also provides larger and improved support, training, clean-room and stores facilities with scope for future growth.

Persuasive Words
Here are a few of the most persuasive words in communication that can help turn the focus onto your customers:
1. You        2. Money       3. Save      4. New       5. Results       6.Easy
7. Health       8. Safety    9. Love      10. Discovery       11.Proven       12. Guarantee

If you need to help creating the perfect marketing pieces that will not only focus on your customers but also increase sales...call us here at Dealer Communicator 1-800-327-8999 ask for O.Mike or Pat.

Drytac® Introduces Prime Seal
Drytac® has introduced Prime Seal, a new low viscous liquid that enables printing and coating of hard-to-stick surfaces. Applied by hand or with a roll coater, Prime Seal promotes the adhesion of inks and enhances the color density and clarity of the colors printed.

"With the addition of Prime Seal, we have greatly enhanced our line of UV curable liquid coatings," said Marc Oosterhuis, Drytac® President. "Prime Seal allows inks to easily bond with glass, tile, and steel - improving the overall quality and appearance of the final printed piece."

Roland Appointments
To further strength the company's product mangement, marketing communications and purchasing/distribution teams Roland appoints Rachel Hammer product manager for rotary devices - Marc Malkin joins as public relations representative/copywriter and Ron Kienast, a 12 year Roland vet to the position of manager of purchasing and distribution

HP Achieves Stability Certification
HP Latex Inks and HP A50 Inkjet Web Press Inks are the first water-based inkjet inks to achieve Sustainable Product Certification from UL Environment, part of Underwriters Laboratories. Originally created for offset, letterpress, flexographic and gravure printing inks, this standard now includes criteria to certify water-based inkjet screenprinting, and UV curable inks.

New Series of 3-In-1 Leveling Mounts from AAC Are Designed for Packaging Machinery Applications
A new series of 3-in-1 leveling mounts from Advanced Antivibration Components (AAC) are designed to dampen shock and vibration, provide leveling, and offer position mobility for packaging machinery applications. Identified as the V10Z44MCM Series, they incorporate a moveable mount in which the rubber mount is incorporated with a rotating ball. They allow movement of machines and give excellent vibration-free installations. Typical applications include their use under packaging machinery, large pumps, fans, motors, compressors, and other medium load equipment. Additional technical specifications at www.vibrationmounts.com.

Laird Plastics
Did you know that Laird has 39 Locations in the U.S. and 8 in Canada. Laird markets a wide product line with value added services including Recycling Programs, Sheeting/Slitting, Guillotine Cutting, Router Services.

Fujifilm Canada
Stefan Biasi was appointed VP (Graphics Systems 7 Photofinishing). Mace Hoover is in new role as Director of Sales (Graphic Systems). Hoover brings over 25 years' experience in sales and sales management, most recently as the National Sales Manager at Kodak's Graphics Communication Canada Company.

Xitron hires Eastern Regional Manager
Jon Zink's primary responsibility will be to support Xitron's dealer network through education, training and sales assistance programs. "Jon posses a unique combination of technology and sales experience," said Mark Eisenchenk, Xitron's president and CEO. "His comprehensive understanding of workflow and color management makes him a welcome addition to our team."

{short description of image}A Book For Owners and Managers About Fraud From Within That Can Bring Down A Company….dealer or manufacturer
In his new book, "Detecting and Reducing Supply Chain Fraud", Norman Katz redefines just what is meant by the "supply chain" and combines aspects of technology, operations, compliance, governance, ethics, and law into a pragmatic guide to identify and manage various sources of risk: internal and external, domestic and international.

The book explores both the tactical and strategic approaches that companies should adopt to help detect and reduce fraud, resulting in increased transparency and resilience and more engaged employees, customers, and suppliers. If you are responsible for your organization's supply chain, or perhaps involved in audit, compliance or risk management, you need a copy of "Detecting and Reducing Supply Chain Fraud".

For answers to questions about the subject of supply chain fraud, email Norman Katz, Katzscan, Inc.: normank@katzscan.com. The book publisher's website address is http://www.gowerpublishing.com/isbn/9781409407324.

Getting Ready for 2013
It's the beginning of a new year, and 2012 is behind us. We can complain about political and economic issues, or our football teams and what could have been - but "that dog won't hunt" to put it colloquially. So, let's focus on what we can do - and more importantly need to do in 2013.

#1 - Embrace technological change. The last several years have been about change - but so what? Our industry has adapted very well over the years. Hot metal transitioned to cold type which transitioned to desktop publishing. Grained plates became pre-coated and eventually were no longer produced by hand. Film, which was the constant in offset lithography, became digitized and disappeared. Offset lithography has been supplanted by digital print technologies in the 11x17 market and is rapidly moving up the food chain.

#2 - Adapt to market changes. Our industry has always been able to adapt to technological changes. It is now time to adapt to exterior market forces. Rather than concerning ourselves about what type of plate we should be using (that's important - but not AS important), we need to be researching what our customer will need to solve their communication problems. Will it be cheaper print? Of course, that hasn't changed in 100 years. The challenge is how to do it and still remain profitable. Today we need to look at how our firm can develop relationships and product offerings so that our customers continue to see our company as THEIR print provider.

#3 - Focus on process. More than ever we need to create processes in our business. With today's technologies and need for quick turnaround, we have to adopt new methods of process control. That means automation and adopting business practices such as Lean Manufacturing which can help improve profitability, and don't ignore sustainability, it can play a key role in our success.

#4 - Invest in people. In 2013 we must invest in our most important resources - our employees. Education and training are key to our future success. The skills which have been developed over the past years in our industry got us here, but our companies will only be successful if we continue to adapt -- and that takes trained and motivated employees. Management must make sure that everyone is part of the team and recognize them for their efforts - and performance. Although in some instances technology can replace human capital, the need for individuals who thrive in a dynamic environment is greater than ever. And print has always been dynamic and changing. Here's to a GREAT 2013!

Reprinted from Updates from PIA MidAmerica.


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