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Merge your offset sales with wide format-digital supplies to increase your income in this changing industry
The facts do not indicate that the graphic arts industry is going away. Although, you can be sure, the printing world is quite confused these days. Dealer Communicator (DC) sees this confusion affecting graphic arts dealers who may be losing some confidence in the future of the printing industry. (more)

Specialty Printers Help Turn A Profit
An IDC Report by Tim Greene

At the recent International Sign Association SignExpo trade show there were numerous wide format vendors featuring new printers aimed at non-traditional or specialty markets. These specialty printers have been "hot" for a few years because they give the companies who buy them the ability to sell something new to existing companies and compete in entirely new markets. (more)

The Metamorphosis of Equipment Dealerships...
Are You In The Game? or... Waiting for The Old Walls To Crumble! -

by Bob Licari, BrainSell Services

To run a successful dealership these days requires you be current and up with the times. You're on the right track if you're redefining who you are and why customers should choose you and not your competitor. The redefining process requires adjustments to your marketing so that you're presenting your dealership as a leader in the territory. (more)

Business Development Worst Practices
Part 1 -
by Linda Bishop, Thought Transformation

Worst Practice No. 1: Business development is not a regularly scheduled activity. Sporadic efforts result in substandard skills. Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. Mediocre skills lead to poor results. When explaining failure, "when I get to it" salespeople don't blame themselves for their lack of success. (more)

Do You Always Read The Fine Print? -
by Mary A. Redmond

How often do you read a Software Agreement before accepting the terms and conditions? I'm talking about the software to operate any free or paid online service or piece of technology equipment. There is a software agreement and/or Terms of Service Agreement with common communication tools as Facebook, LinkedIn, a mobile phone or backup cloud software service. (more)

Social Media Checklist for Dealers -
by John Foley, Jr.

The times they are a-changin', and social media is no longer just for the trendy kids or the twenty-something webpreneurs. Social media is fast becoming an important tool for all businesses, including dealers. In a fast-paced world, social media is where customers and dealers congregate to get information, forge connections, and decide whether or not to do business with the dealerships they find there. (more)

Strategic Marketing Alliance;
Develop Yours as Easy as ABC -

by Ed Rigsbee, CSP, CAE

Learn how to develop strategic alliances. Alliance development and implementation can be as simple as A, B, Ccwell, actually A to G. I'm sure you can handle the extra letters. Follow this easy guide when building your marketing alliances or any strategic alliances for that matter, and your chances of success will increase ten fold. (more)

If you're over 55 or 60 years old read this OR..... IF YOU'RE A DEALERSHIP OWNER and are looking to hire, read this -
by John Tschohl

If you're one of those people who think 50 or 60 is over-the-hill, Think Again. Small business owners don't have much time to train and if you're dealing with younger people, (with due respect), too often you'll find they feel entitled. Give me the job and I'll figure it out on my own. (more)
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