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Graphics of the Americas

A Combining of Forces: Graphic Arts and Office Machine Dealers
The Good News! With all the reports that predict the continuing demise of print on paper, Dealer Communicator found an article in the November 2013 issue of Scientific American magazine that reported most people understand and remember text better when read on paper rather than a screen. (more)

Make Room for Cutting
Finishing Adds Income For Distributors and Income For Your End-User Customers -

an IDC Report by Tim Greene

Dealers should take a look at wide format cutting systems as a critical part of professional wide format print finishing. There is a lot going on the cutting side of the market, with additional suppliers and additional capabilities improving the value proposition of today's cutting systems. (more)

Equipment Dealerships Face Difficult Challenges In Todays' Markets -
by Bob Licari, DevLex International

Anyone who has been in the business for the last 10 years or more will tell you, business isn't what it used to be! Although this may be a common complaint, let's look at it from an objective point of view. Manufacturers have pulled back on much of the direct support that was at one time paramount to the success of a dealership. Today due to budget cuts and other negative issues much of the sales-lead-generation is reliant on the dealerships themselves. (more)

The Wow Factor -
by Linda Bishop, Thought Transformation

Imagine you and your company are so revered and appreciated by clients, this is what they say about you behind closed doors: "The product is fantastic! They are able to accommodate us when we have a tight turn-around and their sales rep's service is exceptional. They give us new ideas to grow OUR business as well as solutions that save money. We love them!" (more)

Let's Shake On That -
by Mary A. Redmond

Do you consummate a deal with a handshake? We use a handshake when we initially meet someone or greet a friend. We also shake hands when offering congratulations or expressing gratitude. A handshake conveys trust, respect, balance and equality. All these traits are essential elements of a successful business relationship. It sounds simple until we examine local customs, gender and cultural differences. Then it's challenging. (more)

How Wide-Format Imaging Is Changing
The Commercial Printing Industry -

by Lia Milgram, Industry Author

While it is popular to say that traditional, analog printing methods have become extinct, industry-wise-distributors know that the past 10 or 15 years have brought exceptional change to specialty imaging in the form of wide-format digital processes. (more)

Mobile Marketing Must Haves -
by John Foley, Jr.

When you are diving into the world of mobile marketing, there are a few things you need to have on your to-do list. Here are nine mobile marketing must-haves that you need when you are crafting a strategy.
Mobile Optimization
You need a mobile-friendly or responsive site that looks good on all devices. This will make sure that you're engaging your customers via their mobile devices. (more)

Graph Expo Photo Recap -
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Graphics of the Americas
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