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APRIL 2015

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Offset.... Hardly Dead
It seems that the offset printing industry is under constant rumor that it is disappearing, being replaced by digital technologies. But so far it is holding its own through innovation, improvements in workflow technologies and through better supplies and accessories. It is changed but hardly dead. (more)

Magnetic Media - See The Attraction -
by Tim Greene

Many dealers report that one of the best ways they grow their wide format business is by introducing their wide format printing customers to new applications and new markets. (more)

Handle objections by looking at them as a hidden Highway to Closing your Sale! -
by Bob Licari, DevLex International

If only everything could be just as we want it to be! For many this is an echo they hear in their heads constantly. Well get over it, life's just not that way. We can ponder the needs of the world and resolve them in one night if it were only up to us individually to call all the shots without rebuttal! Don't waste the mental energy and otherwise productive time on unrealistic thoughts that will only waste time and opportunity. (more)

Frame Customer Problems To Create A Selling Advantage -
by Linda Bishop, Thought Transformation

Problem framing is an important skill for sales professionals. A good framework helps customers narrow down and focus on what they really want to fix. The salesperson who does the best job of helping the customer frame their problem is also the forerunner in the race to propose the right solution and make the sales. (more)

Make Negotiation A Habit -
by Mary A. Redmond

Twenty-eight years ago, I made the decision to negotiate more often. At that point in my career, I rated my negotiation skills as a 3 or 4 on a 10-Scale. Bargaining for more was an occasional thing. I did not come from a family of negotiators, although for a very short time, my dad, an attorney, tried his hand at it in private practice. (more)

The Promise and Challenges of Customization
In the years since the initial introduction of wide-format digital printing technology, much has been said about the ability of printers to customize, even mass customize, as a way to gain a competitive advantage. Digital doesn't require a plate or a screen, making it distinctly possible that each print can be different. BUT, while this certainly is true, it is also true that having each print be different may not be practical, or can present challenges of its own. (more)

Avoid These 5 Marketing Traps -
by John Foley, Jr.

Is marketing your friend or your foe? From printed collateral to social media, each of your marketing materials are your representatives, telling your story and making first impressions on your behalf. All of your marketing efforts work together to build lead generation to increase sales and grow your dealership. If you want to get loyalty, raise your profile, and make the sale, it's vital that your marketing is the best it can be. Here are five marketing traps you need to avoid. (more)

Getting Results! -
by Ed Rigsbee, CSP, CAE

Getting results is the perpetual problem for employers, employees and those who are self-employed: most everybody. Getting results is arguably the most important aspect of running a business; everything else is secondary. (more)

The knowledge a clever consultant brings to a project
is the real value in ensuring a balanced return on investment

In February 2015 a fellow consultant I know asked me to stop by a client of his to review a situation and talk with the owner of the company. I have known this consultant, Don (not his real name) for 18 years, having met him just one year after I started my own consulting company. (more)
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